Anatomy of a Cosplayer: Tales from Behind the Mask

By James Hannon
Released July, 2018

James Hannon’s new book Anatomy of a Cosplayer: Tales From Behind the Mask takes you on a behind-the-scenes tour of many aspects of the life of a cosplayer. Over 60 cosplayers were interviewed (including quite a few Finest members) to bring you this comprehensive guide to everything costumed.

Topics include:
• Cosplayer Origin Stories.
• Best (and Worst) Experiences.
• DIY Costuming Skills: Sewing, EVA Foam, Vacu-Forming and Re-Purposing.
• Costume Groups: The Finest, 501st Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, Legion of Super Villains + more.
• The Dark Side of Costuming
• Why Do We Cosplay?
          and much much more…

It is available on Amazon and other online booksellers in Kindle, Hardcover and paperback formats. Signed copies are available on

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