Anatomy of a Cosplayer: Tales from Behind the Mask

By James Hannon
Released July, 2018

James Hannon’s new book Anatomy of a Cosplayer: Tales From Behind the Mask takes you on a behind-the-scenes tour of many aspects of the life of a cosplayer. Over 60 cosplayers were interviewed (including quite a few Finest members) to bring you this comprehensive guide to everything costumed.

Topics include:
• Cosplayer Origin Stories.
• Best (and Worst) Experiences.
• DIY Costuming Skills: Sewing, EVA Foam, Vacu-Forming and Re-Purposing.
• Costume Groups: The Finest, 501st Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, Legion of Super Villains + more.
• The Dark Side of Costuming
• Why Do We Cosplay?
          and much much more…

It is available on Amazon and other online booksellers in Kindle, Hardcover and paperback formats. Signed copies are available here in the shop

Lost Boys of the Bronx: An Oral History of the Ducky Boys Gang

By James Hannon
Released September, 2010

Straight from the streets of the mid-1960s Bronx comes a book about one of the borough’s most feared gangs – The Ducky Boys. While their unusual name alone might contradict their reputation, in the Norwood/Bainbridge section of the Bronx their appearances provoked an ominous dread. So much so, that when Richard Price needed inspiration for a terrifying gang in his novel (and later movie) The Wanderers, he knew exactly which gang to choose. Lost Boys of the Bronx tells the story of the Ducky Boys in their own words. It is a story of how a few pre-teen kids in the Botanical Gardens turned into a gang of hundreds – and a gang so alarming that rumors of their arrival would shut down local schools. This is also a study of the mostly Irish Bronx neighborhood in which the Ducky Boys were born, and where so many of the Ducky kids got caught up in the tumultuous times of the ’60s where their fierce loyalty was the only thing that got them through. This is not your typical gang book. It neither praises nor demonizes the gang for the things they did, but rather simply reports what happened – warts and all. You’ll see the truth behind the Ducky Boys’ gang – their lives, their loves, their pranks and crimes, and so much more. To borrow from a particular product’s slogan – with a name like the Ducky Boys, you knew they HAD to be tough.


Out of Our Dens: The Richard and the Young Lions Story

by James Hannon and Leon Leybs, Narrated by Pat St. John
Released July, 2004

Out of Our Dens: The Richard and the Young Lions Story A James Hannon and Leon Leybs film

Narrated by Pat St. John presents an in-depth history of Richard and the Young Lions… Follow the band from their roots in New Jersey, to their glory days in Detroit, their 1967 breakup and their fateful reunion in 1998, and their quest to recreate the magic that was Richard and the Young Lions.

Featuring interviews with all band members past & present, Steven Van Zandt, Lenny Kaye, Pat St. John, Scott Regen, and Jon Weiss

DVD Extras

* Over 45 minutes of Additional Scenes

* An exclusive Pat St. John interview with Richard Tepp.

* Louie Vlahakes gives an “Open Up Your Door” guitar lesson

* A hilarious interview outtake with Steven Van Zandt.

* A tour of the old neighborhoods with Louie Vlahakes

* Photo Montage of Richard and the Young Lions history.

* An inspirational message to RYL from DJ Pat St. John.

* Promotional Trailer