Press Release: Book Release: Lost Boys Of The Bronx: The Oral History Of The Ducky Boys Gang

Book Release: Lost Boys Of The Bronx: The Oral History Of The Ducky Boys Gang

Bronx native James Hannon releases book detailing the all-too-human side of a terrifying Bronx gang of the early-1960s made infamous by Richard Price’s “The Wanderers.”

Bronx, NY (PRWEB) September 9, 2010

James Hannon’s new book Lost Boys of the Bronx tells the true story of the Ducky Boys gang from the point of view of the gangmembers, their victims, and neighborhood residents who lived through it all.

In the fictional novel, and subsequent movie The Wanderers, Richard Price wrote about a gang of “stunted Irish madmen” who were “stone killers that attacked in droves to compensate for the fact that few of them were over five-feet tall.” That gang was the Ducky Boys and they certainly left an imprint on his audience.

In James Hannon’s new book Lost Boys of the Bronx, the real-life gang behind the fictional monsters portrayed on screen are brought out into the open and made human. Readers will see how a few 1960s kids became a gang of hundreds in their heyday, and how growing up in the age of drugs, glue-sniffing, war led to the destruction of many lives where only their loyalty to each other got them through.

Some early industry reviews:

Richard Price, Academy Award nominated screenwriter, and author of The Wanderers,
“I read this book in one sitting – It was GREAT”

Larry Kirwan, frontman for band Black 47, and author of Rockin’ the Bronx,
“This is essential reading for anyone who wishes to become familiar with the unique spirit of the Bronx. Rock on Ducky Boys!!!”

Steven Schindler, Author of Sewer Balls and From the Block,
“What James Hannon does is make some sense out of the myths and mystery of why these buy ativan online cheap gangs behaved the way they did, and how they went about it. And as in most thoughtful and well researched projects, he demonstrates that the reality of the situation is infinitely more interesting and compelling than the made-up Hollywood version.”

Steve Samtur, editor for Back in the Bronx magazine,
“Kudos to Mr. Hannon for his perseverance. His ability to forage for Ducky Boys after more than 40 years and finding them is remarkable. To get them to speak about their experience is testament to his tenacity.”

There will be a book signing to accompany the official release of Lost Boys of the Bronx on September 12th, 2010 at the American Legion -Bajart Post in Yonkers, NY.

Lost Boys of the Bronx – The Oral History of the Ducky Boys Gang
By James Hannon
Published by AuthorHouse, Aug, 2010
220 pages

6×9 Paperback (978-1-4520-2054-9)
6x9Hardcover (978-1-4520-2055-6)

Available at AuthorHouse,, and many online retailers.

About the Author
Author and ex-Bronxite James Hannon grew up across the street from Our Lady of Refuge and PS 46 schools on East 196th Street and Briggs Avenue. Little did he realize that almost twenty years earlier, the real-life Ducky Boys, who would become so significant in his life after watching the Wanderers movie, were attending the same schools, hanging out in the same schoolyards, and trying to figure out what their next adventure would be.

Mr. Hannon is the director of the 2004 documentary “Out of Our Dens – The Richard and the Young Lions Story” about a 1960’s garage band that came from a “20-mile radius of Newark, NJ” who became one of the greatest bands that nobody ever heard of.

He currently lives a stones throw away from the Bronx in central, New Jersey with his wife and cat.


New website and Ducky Boys book release

Hey everyone,  everything is coming together nicely…  The website is revamped, the book is available, and theres even a book release party… Lots of information to give you all, so lets get started on the details without too much fluff… has been redone for a sleeker look.. It is still being tweaked a bit, so if you see anything weird for the next week or so, its probably “being worked on”, but it should be bug-free soon…   Play around with it – let me know if you like it or not…

Big news is that “Lost Boys of the Bronx: The Oral History of the Ducky Boys Gang” is now available for purchase online… Click here to purchase. It will also be on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites, but it will be a bit more expensive there to cover the costs to sell it there… if you would buy ativan online overnight like to purchase a signed copy of the book (hardcover or softcover ),  I am in the process of setting something up online..  However if you would like one sooner, that will bring me to my next point…

We’re having a release party for the book on Sept 12th 2010, and you are welcome to come…  It will be at the American Legion Bajart Post at 840 McLean Ave in Yonkers, NY between 1pm and 5pm…   Feel free to drop by during that timeframe and say hello.. I will be selling both the hardcover and softcover versions of the book, and if you would like me to sign them, I will gladly do it for you… The official invite with all the information is here Thats the big news going on right now…

Hope you can stop by the release party!

So whats going on with

So LOTS of things happening at right now… Some things I can tell you about, some things I can’t…

I don’t have a lot of time to tell you, so let me just give you the highlights…

First and Foremost, the Ducky Boys book is now done!!!   I should have the first copy in my hand in about 2 weeks…  Its been a lonnnng time coming, and I hope you’ll love it…

That being said, we are now in the planning stages of the big book release party…  It will probably be in mid-August, and we are debating WHERE to have it…   The two top places right now we’re considering is Rory Dolans on McLean Avenue in Yonkers, and Maxwells in Hoboken…    If you have an opinion of either of those places, or have another alternative , pleas leave them in the comments…

Also big news is that the website is being can you buy xanax online overhauled right now…  Which if you were there recently you got some lame message that sent you to this blog… Sorry about that – but it will be worth it in the long run…

Our designers are working round the clock now, and the new site should be up in the next couple of weeks…  Or less (crossing fingers) Read more

Laying out the damn PennySaver

So I’m reading this book “Looking for Calvin & Hobbes” by Nevin Martell – which is a biography on the publicity-shy cartoonist Bill Watterson who wrote and drew the greatest comic strip of all time  (Umm Calvin & Hobbes)…

The introduction which is really good is about how the author tracked down, and eventually got an interview with the elusive Watterson…   Since the intro tho (I’m currently 85 pages in), the book has been pretty boring and dry.  And while Martell describes individual C&H strips which I remember, he doesn’t actually SHOW them…  I guess he couldn’t get the rights…

Either way, I’m intrigued to see what happens when he meets the cartoonist, so I’m reading on…   But this isn’t a book review blog, so I’m gonna stop there and be egotistical and show how this book involves “me”…

I was reading the part of the book where Bill Watterson quit his job doing layout for the local PennySaver magazine to take his shot at newspaper comic strip stardom…  The newspaper job wasn’t paying much, and the risks were huge, but the rewards were limitless..  In the book, one of Watterson’s contemporaries said that  “(Bill) wanted to give everything he had to Calvin and Hobbes. If it didn’t work out, it didn’t work out, but it wasn’t going to be because he had to spend eight hours a day laying out the damn Pennysaver.” Read more