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BookCon & BookExpo 2019 Review from a self-published author’s POV

James Hannon – a self-published Cosplay Author tries to promote himself and his book at these two very different events at the same place, and learns a lot about the publishing and book reader worlds in the process. #TheBookCon #BookCon #BookCon2019 #BookCon19 #BookExpoAmerica #BookExpo #BookExpo2019 #BookExpo19 #Unbound During the last week of May and the […]

Starting a new marketing campaign! (Giveaways)

Hi everyone, After hitting #BookCon and #BookExpo last week, I learned a new respect for newsletters and a website for selling my book. I had been only sticking to the Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) methods of marketing which worked great, but in talking to some successful authors, I found that I should not ignore […]

New Year – New Cosplay – Why I made an Ace Frehley Costume

Why did Bronx author James Hannon make a cosplay of KISS member and famous Ducky Boy Ace Frehley, when he wasn’t a fan of KISS? Read on… In case you didn’t know, I premiered a new cosplay on New Years Day 2019. This new one was Ace Frehley the Spaceman from the original lineup of […]

The Richard and the Young Lions album was finally released!

It’s finally here! The FIRST Richard and the Young Lions album ever – 51 years after the band began (and 14 years after “Richard” passed away)! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it for sale on https://wickedcoolrecords.bandcamp.com/ – the long (and I mean LONG) awaited album of Richard and the Young Lions! I […]

Anatomy of a Cosplayer reviewed by Kirkus Reviews!

From: https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/james-hannon/anatomy-of-a-cosplayer/ ANATOMY OF A COSPLAYER Tales from Behind the Mask by James Hannon KIRKUS REVIEW A cosplayer explores the phenomenon that has him portraying a galactic Stormtrooper and other characters. Comic book conventions these days feature parades of grown men and women dressed up as action heroes and other characters, proudly posing for photographs […]

Weird Coincidences: The Ducky Boys and Costuming.

Author James Hannon finds out that his Bronx/Ducky Boys World and his Costuming World are starting to blend together in very strange & coincidental ways.  This looks like a job for SuperGirl – who was instrumental in uncovering this string of coincidences.  Sound interesting?  Read on…… Well, so far every big project I’ve worked on […]

New Year Resolutions from the Dalai Lama & Ben Franklin

Ok, its close to New Years, so everybody is worrying about resolutions and reminiscing about old resolutions that didn’t work…  So author James Hannon decides to share two guides to a successful life from two successful people who aren’t currently trying to sell you an entire package for hundreds of dollars…   Hey, it can’t hurt, […]

Ace Frehley’s “No Regrets” and the Ducky Boys Gang

Ace Frehley‘s new book “No Regrets” covers his time with the Ducky Boys gang, and surprisingly is in-sync with James Hannon‘s “Lost Boys of the Bronx: The Oral History of the Ducky Boys Gang“ On Saturday, I was at a local 501st Legion – NER troop over at Bookends Bookstore over in Ridgewood, NJ.  We […]