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Chiller Theatre 2008

The prospect of John Schneider, William Forsythe, Ace Frehley,and Erik Estrada being there was enough to bring Jimmy Diamonde and me back to Chiller after a years hiatus. And our RiffSurfers bandmate Jeff Hornlien joined us as well.

We all had a great time meeting "almost all" of the celebrities we did (some still need to learn to appreciate their fans and not treat them as easy money). Gladly, we only ran into that once this year...

Also, the lines were particularly hellish this year - Broke our prior record of time spent on line with 3 hours on the Ace Frehley line... Thats usually the point where I say I'll never come back (been saying that since 2001 LOL).

The Chiller Staff however was awesome this year. Special props go out to Pam, Eddie, Kevin and the legendary Animal (sorry didn't get your last names)

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And now on to the 2008 pictures!

RiffSurfers Jeff Hornlien & Jimmy Diamonde

Good friends, great musicians, and my fellow Chiller Travellers

"Animal" with James

This guy personifies why Chiller conventions are so freakin' cool

James w/ William Forsythe

One of my favorite actors and really nice guy - and he was freakin' Al Capone!

James, Ace Frehley and Jeff Hornlien

This is the original pic that I made solo shots of later in the list - just in case you think I faked em LOL

James w/ Erik Estrada aka "Ponch"

Nicest guy of the day. I told him I saw him in his Spanish novela and he hugged me and I thought he was gonna give me a noogie!

Lita Ford with Jeff Hornlien

Really nice and beautiful woman who is really supportive of up & coming musicians

James w/ John Schneider aka "Bo Duke" and "Jonathan Kent" of Smallville

John's a class act - Very friendly guy who really seems to appreciate his fans

James w/ Catherine Bach aka Daisy Duke

Archived pic from Chiller 2004

James w/ Tom Wopat aka "Luke Duke"

Ok, its an old shot (1980 maybe) - but just wanted to complete my Duke Family set (and show that I've been doing this for years LOL)

Catherine Bach aka "Daisy Duke"

Really nice woman who I met back at Chiller 2004

General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard

2nd coolest car ever - the DeLorean's always going to be number 1.

James w/ " King" and "Slave Leia

I think the King was trying to lick my ear.

James w/ Marina Sirtis aka "Deanna Troi"

Really nice & beautiful woman who appreciated fans AND gave Chiller proceeds to charity!

"Costumed Girl" with James

Another reason why Chiller conventions are so cool - audience participation!

Jimmy Diamonde w/ Marina Sirtis

So nice that the usually photo shy (Chiller-wise anyway) Jimmy Diamonde had to get a shot with her - I think he's a closet Trekkie

Ace Frehley and Jeff Hornlien

One of Jeff's musical heroes

Jeff Hornlien w/ Kip Winger

Jeff with another of his musical heroes and really nice guy - Note Jimbo over Kip's shoulder LOL

James w/ Ace Frehley of KISS

Note my Ducky Boys t-shirt - See
Lantern-Media.com for the Ace-Ducky connection
- Yes, I'll update it soon

James w/ some Chiller ghouls

A mix of two costumed TV/DVD groups - TheGhouligans and MonsterMadHouse.com(Thanks to Corpse S. Chris for the info)

These guys were all over Chiller and their makeup and costumes were freakin ; awesome - Best I've seen..

James (aka TK6799) with Boba Fett

Of course theres gonna be a Star Wars reference "somewhere" in here
FYI - I'm one of these costumed Star Wars
guys too - See my geekness here and my official 501st page

Eddie Trunk and Jeff Hornlien

Eddie's a syndicated radio jock and a host on VH1's "Classic Rock" channel - Note Jimmy Diamonde over Eddies shoulder

Leslie Nielson

I really wanted to get a shot with him, but the line was just way too long

Charlene Tilton aka "Lucy from Dallas"

Running low on cash by this point and had to make some tough decisions

George Kennedy

Another too long line

The Terminator's Linda Hamilton

Another really long line.

George Kennedy and a random Chiller guy

The first shot while better really doesn't look like the George Kennedy I know from the movies - This one looks more like him

Jeff/ " King" and "Slave Leia

Audience participation makes Chiller even more fun.

William Forsythe as Al Capone

William at his absolute coolest. Did you know he was also FlatTop in the Dick Tracy movie?

The Lost In Space Robot

Wasn't very talkative - he was a bit
standoff-ish even (sorry feeling a little wacky after typing all of this)

Chiller Program 2008


Chiller Theatre 2007

Skipped it this year...

Chiller Theatre 2006

No Jimmy Diamonde this year as his car died the day before, but still made it thanks to my great wife Jackie and her understanding of my geekdom.We'll make it again next year Jimmy!

I have to admit, this years program cover isn't as nice as in past years... I mean its always cool to have Zacherley in there, but i kinda liked the artistic covers previously.

Big thing this year was the Warriors reunion, so naturally thats what you'll see most of the pictures of, but theres an Anthony Michael hall picture in there too...



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James Hannon and Michael Beck from the Warriors

Me with Michael Beck ("Swan").

James Hannon and  Deborah Van Valkenburgh from the Warriors

Deborah Van Valkenburgh ("Mercy") and me.

James Hannon with Richard Hill and Terry Michos from the Warriors

Robert Hill ("Cyrus"), me and Terry Michos ("Vermin")

James Hannon and Apache Ramos from the Warriors

Me and Apache Ramos (Orphan Gang)

James Hannon and Dorsey Wright from the Warriors

Dorsey Wright ("Cleon") and me

James Hannon and David Harris and Brian Tyler from the Warriors

David Harris ("Cochise"), me and Brian Tyler ("Snow")

Warriors signed cast photo

Cast Photo signed

Orphans - Apaches Ramos

Apache Ramos and Paul Greco from the movie

Warriors signed cast photo

Another signed cast photo

And not Warriors-related, but Anthony Michael Hall was at Chiller Theatre today, and I was able to grab a picture with him. He's on the TV show "The Dead Zone", but he will forever be the geek from the 1980's John Hughes movies "Sixteen Candles", "Weird Science" and "The Breakfast Club"

Anthony Michael Hall and James Hannon

Anthony Michael Hall and me



Chiller Theatre 2005

Well, Jimmy Diamonde and I hit it again this year and had a great time (again!) -- This could definitely be a new tradition!

Only bad part was that it was cold, and we didn't want to wait in the cold for an hour and a half to meet Barbara Eden - but I think we'll live...

click the pictures for the larger images

James w/
Bobby "Boris" Pickett

Really nice guy!!!

Bobby "Boris" Pickett personalized Photo

See Richard&theYoungLions.com to see why he signed the way he did.

James w/ Tito Santana

Nice guy!!!

Rick Martel & Tito Santana

Used to tag-team together

Bob Daily & Larry Hagman Autographed Photo

James w/ Larry Hagman aka Major Nelson aka J.R. Ewing

James w/ Bill Daily aka Major Healy

James (photoshopped) with Barbara Eden aka Jeannie

James w/ Burt Ward
aka Robin

Autographed Batman & Robin Photo

James w/ Adam West
aka Batman

No description needed

Capt Lou Albano

Fred Williamson

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka

Ruben "Hurricane" Carter

Courtney Gains from Children of the Corn

Claudia Wells from Back to the Future

Lydia Cornell from Too Close For Comfort

Karen Allen from The Wanderers


Chiller Theatre 2004

Had to go this year - Daisy Duke & Elvira were gonna be there... Found someone else who is just as geeky (in a good way) to go with. Thanx Jim G.!

click the pictures for the larger images

Catherine Bach
(aka "Daisy Duke")
and James H.

Sweet woman...A little expensive for the pictures, but she was a childhood icon...

Catherine Bach (aka "Daisy Duke")

James H. and
two Gothic hotties

Best part of Chiller -
Audience Participation

Linda Tran

Linda Tran and James H.

No, i didnt know who she was before this, but jeez I couldnt resist... Look at her!!!

Linda Tran

James H. and
Frank Vincent of the Sopranos

For playing a mob killer on TV, he's really a nice guy in person :)

Frank Vincent of the Sopranos

Jim G. and
Frank Vincent of the Sopranos

Greg "the Hammer" Valentine,
Ox Baker, James H. and
George "the Animal" Steele

Strangely these guys are the roughest of the wrestling world, these guys were the most gracious people we met.

Jim G. and a camera-shy
Linda Blair

Friggin' primadonna that will only take pictures if you wait in the half hour line and pay lots of money.

Listen here to hear Opie & Anthony
give her some deserved abuse

Thanx to FoundryMusic.com for this!

Greg "the Hammer" Valentine,
Ox Baker, James H. and
George "the Animal" Steele

"Signed Prison Scene"

Elvira (aka Cassandra Peterson)
without the Elvira outfit

I wouldve loved to get a picture with her, but there was a HUGE line... Now if she wore the Elvira outfit, I couldn't have resisted

(aka Cassandra Peterson)
without the Elvira outfit

Chiller Theatre 2003

Not too many pictures from 2003 Chiller... Not quite sure why. I remember planning to leave early after getting the pic with Zacherley, but can't remember why.

James with David Carradine

Zacherley with James

Chiller Theatre 2002

Skipped it this year... Sorry

Chiller Theatre 2001

My first Chiller. Went nuts that day with lines and crowds. I learned that day that the best thing to do for Chiller is to get Pre-show tickets. Getting there at Noon and waiting 2 hours to get in was NOT fun.

However once in, it was a fun day.

Huggy Bear

The best part of Chiller:

Audience Participation!

Melody Patterson
from F-Troop

Lloyd Kaufman
Great Director and helluva nice guy

Huggy Bear

Y'all can google his real name if you care. F ** ker charged additional just to take a picture with him. Who cares who he really is? He's the superdaddy pimp Huggy Bear and thats all I wanted a picture with.

James H and
Melody Patterson
from F-Troop

Bob May and Billy Mumy
from Lost in Space

Bob May and Billy Mumy
from Lost in Space

Jonathan "Dr Smith" Harris
from Lost in Space

Joe Brooks
from F-Troop

John Saxon from
Bruce Lee Movies

James and Tom Savini

Paul Gleason
from "The Breakfast Club"

Richard "Jaws" Kiel
from the James Bond movies

Starsky & Hutch car
I really hope it doesn't
belong to Huggy Bear LOL