Green Lantern movie – A lifetime waiting to review!

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Friday, June 17th, 2011

Well, after waiting my entire life for this, FINALLY a Green Lantern movie came out. In case you didn’t know, your old pal James (whose company is called by the way) has been a HUGE Green Lantern fan since he was a kid.

Sure Superman and Spiderman were cool, but there was just something about having a ring that can construct kick-ass weapons based on the wearers imagination really appealed to this Irish kid from the Bronx – And the fact that he was “green” didn’t hurt LOL And every summer, I’ve watched as a bunch of less-deserving superheroes get their moment on the big screen.

Well not this Summer… Finally Green Lantern hit the theaters today!

I’ll be honest, I was pretty worried about this movie… Waiting an entire lifetime for something only to have it suck was a real concern. I really tried to keep my emotions in check about it – and by its release, I was fully expecting it to be more disappointing than the Green Hornet movie with Seth Rogan last year.

Which was a really good strategy on my part. Having low expectations meant that as long as Jack Black didn’t star as Hal Jordan (an actual possibility from a past script that still frightens me), it was probably NOT going to be a disappointing movie.

So we found a local theater and went to the matinee. Jackie wouldn’t have stayed awake for the car ride to the theater, let alone the whole movie, if we had went to the midnight showing, so we went to the first showing of the next day. We also decided to watch the Non-3D version since it was earlier

Side Note: My close friend and Casualty band member, Jeff Hornlien went to see it Saturday in 3D (his first 3D movie by the way) and said that while the previews were kinda cool in 3D, the only noticeably 3D effects were in the Green Lantern title sequences. Which kinda confirms my suspicion that most movies that say they’re 3D, aren’t really – but they cheat with simple 3D to get the “buzz” that 3D movies have.

So we found some seats in the empty theater (we love matinees) and began to watch the movie, and it was pretty good. Not a perfect movie (I’ll explain in detail when we get into the Spoilers section), but it was a movie that I was happy with.

Side Note 2: What the hell is up with movie theaters playing the audio so frigging loud? Luckily I went to see Jeff’s band Casualty last week and still had the ear plugs on me to save my hearing. I thought Jeff played loud, but this movie was deafening!

I know a lot of people weren’t happy with Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. But you know what? He actually grew on me once I got past making fun of him for looking like Ben Stiller’s Zoolander in a mask (Was expecting a few “Blue Steel” poses throughout LOL) Blake Lively (“Gossip Girl”) as Carol Ferris, and Mark Strong (The bad guy from “Sherlock Holmes” movie) as Sinestro were also pretty good choices. Really big shock was Temeura Morrison as as Abin Sur. FYI, Temeura was freakin’ Jango Fett and pretty much ALL the Clones from the newer Star Wars trilogies.

The ring effects were kinda cool… They weren’t overused, and it was a real treat seeing Hal using the fist construct to knock some bad guys out (not a spoiler – its in the commercial) – Some of the other ones went over the top, but its a GL movie, I’ll let it slide…


Slight Spoiler coming up, so if you dont want to know ANY of the plot, stop here…

Everything was pretty good, except the villains… No spoilers, but I wasn’t particularly impressed with Hector Hammond and Darkseid, no wait, I mean Parallax (I’ll explain that in spoilers). I just didn’t think either of these villains were that good… When you think Green Lantern, you think two villains – Sinestro and Star Sapphire, and they weren’t villains in this movie (yet anyway). If there isn’t enough interest for a Green Lantern 2 movie, I’m gonna be pissed off that they wasted the movie fighting 2nd class bad guys…

I’m getting too close to spoilers here, so, so you may want to skip this next part until you see the movie because I’m going into full Spoiler details now


OK, we lost the people not ready for spoilers… Good – they suck anyway… Oh wait you’re still reading? Heh, ummm I was just kidding :)

Heres goes… Warning, my geek flag is gonna fly pretty hard in the next few paragraphs.. So, please don’t judge me… :)

The Good

  • I really loved the scenes at OA. Tomar Re and Kilowog training Hal was just great. The only thing I would change is make that section longer cuz I liked it so much.
  • Sinestro disgust at Hal trying to replace Abin Sur and cutting him no slack was perfect.
  • When I was a kid, I hated the Guardians because they were such bureaucrats. They would let a world get destroyed because they wanted to “wait and see what happened.” The movie portrayed them exactly as I always imagined them being – and I hate them still… :) Except Ganthet who was the rogue Guardian – he rocked, but wasn’t singled out in this movie yet…
  • I also love how the filmmakers explained the vulnerability to the color yellow as being “Fear”. I took a lot of crap growing up being a fan of Green Lantern because “all the bad guy had to do was show up in a yellow school bus and throw a banana peel at him” (that was courtesy of my dorky friend (now brother-in-law) Richie (aka Rudy Poo) – who will be so happy I included him in here). Now at least there’s a legitimate issue (not like its going to matter to Rudy Poo)
  • Greatest line of any superhero movie: Carol Ferris (paraphrased) “Hal, I’ve known you since we were kids, you think covering up your cheekbones with a mask will hide your identity?” Finally someone makes sense with the mask issue!
  • Apparently John Stewart (The GL, not the comedian) made a cameo that I missed… Hopefully that means that future Green Lantern movies will have Alan Scott, Kyle Raynor, and of course my favorite wiseass, Guy Gardner (which I could totally picture Jack Black doing justice)
  • I also like how the ring ran out of power, and Hal had to recharge – No fanfare – he just recharged it… Sometimes subtle is all you need.

The Bad

  • Its the first Green Lantern movie, have him fight Sinestro dammit… Hector Hammond was a complete waste of a villian, and Parallax was too much like the Darkseid arc from the last season of Smallville… Big monster thing from space feeding on the fear of the conquered planets inhabitants. Parallax could be much better used a few movies in, where Hal becomes him after losing everything…
  • OK, if you want to build up Sinestro’s heroic side to make his turn to the darkness more dramatic, thats fine… But then they completely blow it by having him non-chalently putting on the yellow ring in the scene after the credits. It was obviously a scene to tease people to come back to see GL2, but it completely made his pro-Hal Jordan speech at the end of the movie irrelevant. I would much prefer having Sinestro turn bad for a reason than just a quick way of getting some extra power.. It would have made his previously heroic nature be more of a loss…
  • Not really a “bad”, but I’m running out of bad things. Could someone explain why all the Green Lantern Corps kept shooting their rings up through the sky?

The Ugly

  • Theres one scene that I busted out laughing about… Hal was fighting Parallax and losing, all of a sudden he pulls a Hulk Hogan and comes back to life. Which is fine, but he had to repeat the Green Lantern oath one piece at a time while doing it. And it was just so corny/schlocky that I couldn’t help but laugh…

Overall it was a fun movie and I really liked it. I’m looking forward to part 2 where Hal & the Corp fight some worthy villains.

I’ll definitely be buying it when it comes on Blu-Ray/DVD…But you probably already knew that…


Yes, this “shrine” is mine..  Right above my computer so I see it every day :)

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