You’re only as relevant as your next project…

Ok, so its been a few months since Lost Boys of the Bronx – The Oral History of the Ducky Boys Gang was published, and the marketing blitz has died down a little bit.   There’s still a few outstanding things there that might catch fire again, but the craziness of a book release is over and I can think straight again…  Or as much as I could do before the craziness anyway… :)

Instead of sitting back and enjoying the free time that I’ve been looking forward to, what does your friendly neighborhood author decide to do?   Get started on another project of course!!!

As crazy as the writing and publishing of Lost Boys of the Bronx was, I kinda missed doing it… Maybe it’s the old line that “Happiness is having something to look forward to”, but not working on a big project that could possibly bring me huge fame & fortune kinda bummed me out…   So I started thinking about what to do next..

And it was tough…  What could I work on that I wouldn’t mind spending the next year or two of my life working on?

Something Bronx-ish was my initial thought since I had such good luck with Lost Boys…   But nothing clicked… I had spent the last 4 years working on the last book, and already went thru a LOT of information about Bronx things that I was interested in.    Many of which had nothing to do with the Ducky Boys gang — I was just interested in it for my own curiosity…   Bottom Line – I still love the Bronx, but think I hit information-overload on Bronx-related topics.   So I decided to put the Bronx on hold until the next project where I’ll have a fresher perspective.

But that didn’t help me come up with a new project NOW…

So I was still pondering this as I was getting ready for the latest charity event with the 501st Legion Star Wars Costuming group that I belong to.

For those that don’t know, I belong to this group that dresses up in professional Star Wars costumes and makes appearances at charity functions and conventions like NY Comic Con – Look thru previous blogs on this buy generic cialis 10 mg site to get an idea – I recommend my USS Intrepid blog to get a good idea what we do.  Also, check my WordPress Photo Albums to see the photos

Back to my point —  So, I was getting my stuff together for a charity event, when it hit me…  I really enjoy doing this Star Wars thing, and I have met quite a few truly remarkable people while doing it – Why not do a book on that?   I couldn’t think of a reason not to, so I started planning it out…

And it just kept getting more and more interesting to me.   Not only do I know a lot of other Star Wars costumers, but I’m starting to know a lot of non-Star Wars costumers also.   And they’ve told me some great stories while hanging out with them.

So I gathered together a small group of costuming friends, and bounced my ideas off them… And they all really seemed to like the idea, and made suggestions on cool angles to go with that I hadn’t thought of.   And now I’m hooked…

Call me paranoid, but I don’t want to give too much away yet – especially since I’m still tweaking things. But what I can tell you is that I will be doing another “Documentary on Paper” book about this crazy little hobby called costuming.   Not just Star Wars costuming, but including superhero costuming, Renaissance Faire costuming, LARP-ers (look it up)  Civil War re-enactors, sports mascots, Disney characters, Gorilla-grams, etc, etc, etc..   If someone wears a costume in public (in private, that’s a different book altogether LOL), there’s a really good chance I’d be interested in talking to them…

So, if you or anyone you know costumes in any of the categories above (or similar), please put them in touch with me at jameshannon @ – I’d love to hear from them.

Thanks as always for reading this blog
your pal James

For everyone who’s supported Lost Boys of the Bronx by buying it, reviewing it, telling friends about it, or just joining the Lost Boys of the Bronx Facebook group, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart… I really do appreciate everything you guys have done!

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