WIDOMV 2010 – Part 3- Peeping Princess Leia

WIDOMV 2010 = What I Did On My Vacation 2010

Subtitled: Peeping Princess Leia traumatizes a civilian in distress

Ok, this installment will be a bit shorter than the rest.   This covers the first week of my vacation and after NY Comic Con, it was time to rest a bit, hit the beach in the fall (a GREAT time to hit the beach) an do a lot of behind-the-scenes promotional stuff for my  book

No time like the present for a shameless plug for the book…   I wrote a book called Lost Boys of the Bronx: The Oral History of the Ducky Boys Gang – It is about the real-life exploits of the gang that was so terrifying in the 1979 movie “The Wanderers” – they also happened to roam the neighborhood I grew up in in the early 1960s.

You can find more out about the book at its Facebook Fan Page or you can pick up a copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  You can also pick up a signed copy directly from me at Lantern-Media.com

Ok, enough with the shameless plug, lets get onto the story you’ve been waiting to hear – How did sweet little Princess Leia traumatize some poor innocent soul at a charity event?

Ok, heres the background to the story.   The 501st (NorthEast Remnant Garrison woooo!) and Rebel Legion (Echo Base!) were on-hand in Verona Park, NJ to entertain the crowds at the Miracle Walk

Miracle Walk was created by a family in gratitude for the care their daughter received during a three month stay in the Saint Barnabas Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  A team of dedicated parents have joined together to organize and participate in this annual walk-a-thon to raise financial support for the NICU.  To learn more about the Miracle Walk committee, and what they do, click here.  In the past nine years, Miracle Walk has raised over $2.5 million to purchase advanced medical technology for the NICU.

The rest of the legion got there at like 7:30am in the morning, but if you know anything about me, there’s no way I could get there that early, so I sashayed in around 9:30am.   Which was fine & dandy since we had plenty of coverage there.   BUT the downside is that since the event was already in full swing, (a) I had to park further away, and (b) there was no quiet place to change into my Rebel Pilot costume..   The area where my fellow costumers changed nice & peacefully in at 7:30 was now the place where all the Miracle Walkers signed in – so it was crowded.   To change into my X-Wing pilot costume, I need to drop my pants – And while I’m not as shy as I used to be, i don’t think the Miracle Walkers and their kids and grandparents were ready for the Jimbo stripshow.

In looking around, I found the men’s bathroom was a lot larger than expected.   There was a regular stall, and a handicap stall which was perfect to change in…   So I brought my huge tupperware-looking box with my costume into the stall and started changing.

I heard someone come in, and he seemed to be puttering around the common area… Nobody was in the other stall, so I kept changing – I just assumed it was either a janitor, or someone just using the sink…    Then I get the knock on the door and the “Hey buddy, I see you’re changing in there – could you switch to the other where can i buy alprazolam stall — Its kinda an emergency…”

As one who can empathize with a bathroom emergency, I popped out of the stall immediately…  I was curious why he didn’t just use the other stall since he definitely wasn’t handicapped, but hey an emergency is an emergency…   So I finished changing in the common (non-stall) area of the bathroom…

Someone else came in and went into the other stall, did his business quickly and left…  I was just about finished, and one of my legion mates and friends “Bonnie” came into the bathroom with her full Princess Leia costume (with the Cinnamon bun hairstyle)...   Now, as you might expect, Bonnie is a woman – but she tells me that she just asked the guy who had just left if it was empty.  He saw that she was in costume and told her that one of her Star Wars friends was in there and was almost finished changing… So Bonnie assumed it was safe to go in, since she had to go, and there was a huge line to the women’s room (what a shock)

So, I’m putting some final part of the costume on and not paying attention because I realized I forgot my helmet, and I just assumed she went into the empty stall…   That is, until I heard the male “HEYYYYY!” and the female “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” and saw Bonnie run into the empty stall… And a few seconds later, the guy with the emergency comes out of his stall looking down, and just makes a beeline to the door… I apologize, but he doesn’t even acknowledge me…  (He was so ashamed that he didn’t even wash his hands!!! LOL)

Bonnie then comes out of the empty stall and goes into the handicapped stall.  A lot of questions I had were answered when I looked in the empty stall – It only had  a urinal in there!    Guys with emergencies and girls would have problems using it – which would explain why these two categories of people HAD to use the handicapped stall…  I get my stuff together, and wait outside the bathroom…

Bonnie comes out, and I wanted to say so many things (quietly in case the poor guy was around), but when the realization that Princess Leia just traumatized some poor guy, I just lost it and started laughing – A LOT – like with tears-in-my-eyes A LOT…  I’ll admit I’m not that sensitive but I’m still cracking up  2 weeks later as I write this…  We went back to our little Star Wars group, and I’m still laughing (and it got worse each time telling the story LOL) – If only I had come up with the “Peeping Princess” nickname that day, I might have ended up passing out from laughing so hard…

So thats the end of that story…   I’ve been teasing Bonnie ever since and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future…  Some poor bastard got a lot more than he asked for that day – I would say he probably should seek some sort of therapy to overcome the trauma

Back to the charity event — everything went great for the rest of the day – Met a few people in the legions that I hadn’t met before who were really cool, and we raised some money for a good cause – Hopefully that helped our Karma levels from earlier!

Next installment – Meeting some great best-selling authors (and Brian Dennehy) and being treated like one of them!!

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