RiffSurfers + Star Wars + Smithereens = ANOTHER night to remember!

(Sorry for the rawness of this note (again) – just got in and had to get the story out before I went to bed)

Ok, do me a favor, and read Part 1 of the Pat DiNizio saga first. This note will make a LOT more sense if you have read that one…

The short version if you dont have time or inclination: Jeff Hornlien of the RiffSurfers and I put together a goofy Star Wars-ish video of Jeff singing the Smithereens “Blood and Roses” while Jeff was dressed in his Han Solo costume See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5Gwq_CCg6g ). A week later. we had a night of MANY coincidences, and actually ran into Pat DiNizio – the lead singer of the Smithereens, at a local diner… AND HE HAD SEEN OUR VIDEO.. Long story short, he loved it, and we made it into the documentary on Pat’s, and just had a great time that night… (Read the full version of Part 1– it’s kinda cool…)

Flash forward to tonight… We had heard Pat was playing a Christmas Party for the 105.7 The HAWK radio station tonight down in Neptune, NJ at the Headliner. So Jackie, Jeff, John Kraemer, and I decided to stop in and see Pat’s show…

Pat went onstage, and he played all the great Smithereen songs, his own stuff, and a couple of Beatles covers… And, as we knew it would be, it was a great show… During the early songs, Pat looked out and saw me and Jackie and I knew he recognized us… He called us to the stage and told the audience he knew us… Then he saw Jeff, and he started laughing and called him “his Han Solo” and shook hands — FYI this was in the middle of his show!!

Then he went back to playing, and continued the great show…

Towards the end of his set, when he was doing the biggest Smithereen songs, he got a mischievous look in his eye, and started telling the story about how we did the Star Wars version of Blood and Roses, and the diner buy zolpidem in canada events of Part 1.


Yes, we have video ….

Its at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNxSgdHHyWo

Pictures are below..

Jeff did an awesome job with the song, and Pat really seemed to be impressed with Jeff… The song ended, with a great reaction from the crowd, and Pat finished his set with “A Girl Like You”

Afterwards, while Pat was getting his stuff together, Jeff and I being the shrewd marketers that we are, went over to the HAWK Radio people, and gave them our RiffSurfers CD. They really seemed interested in it after hearing Jeff, and having a really cool story to tell about how Jeff met Pat… So hopefully we might be hearing the RiffSurfers being played on 105.7 The HAWK…

Once Pat was finished packing up his stuff, he came over to us and we had a really nice talk… He complimented Jeff’s on a job well-done, and signed some pictures of us and him that we had brought (see below)

One of the most special moments of the night was when Jeff thanked Pat for one of the greatest Christmas presents he ever got, and Pat reached over and patted Jeff’s face in a motion that showed that Pat was truly touched… Ill remember that moment forever… It was just so “pure”…

After a short while, we all had to go, and Pat hugged us all, and made a couple of god natured Star Wars and Star Trek cracks at our expense, and we all went our separate ways…

Once again, once we left the place, we let down our “cool” guard and whooped it up…. We just enjoyed the moment of another amazing night…

And of course, I couldn’t sleep until I got this out of my system… so now its out, and Im still not tired LOL

Pat and Jeff on Stage
Pat and Jeff on Stage
Pat and Jeff on Stage
Pat and Jeff on Stage
Jeff and Pat at the Stone Pony back in Summer 2009
James & Jackie with Pat at the Scotchwood Diner (from Part 1)
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