During the last full week of September 2003, Jackie & I vacationed in Hills Beach, Maine. During this time we did some cool things with some cool people and basically had a blast there. I would heartily recommend Maine as a vacation spot.- Hell, I'm even considering moving there!

Anyhoo, here are the pictures from our trip. Being that we took so many photos (I love our digital camera!), I broke the photos down into nine categories for ease of viewing and to make it easier for me to describe them. (I took some heat for not titling Jackie's Italy Pictures)

So enjoy the pictures and let me know how you like em!

Hills Beach House

This is the set of pictures taken in or around the house that we stayed at.

Look for some great sunrise pictures which I would never have gotten without Jackie being an early bird!

For more info on the house check out www.CronkiteRealty.com

Basket Island

This is the island directly across from the Hills Beach House. It has maybe 10 cottages on it, but you are not allowed to go up on the main land, so we trekked around it.

Not a whole lot about Basket Island on the Internet, but there's a little here:
Pete's Hills Beach Photo Gallery

Stage Island

This island is right across from Basket Island and you can only reach it if the tide is out. It is uninhabited and houses the "Stage Island Monument"

Also, not a whole bunch about Stage Island on the net, but there's some on the Maine Audubon Society page and also on Pete's Hills Beach Photo Gallery

Doubling Point Lighthouse

This is one "out of the way" lighthouse up in on Arrowsic Island near Bath, Maine. I like to call this one "Stubby' for obvious reasons. Its nice, but tricky to get to...

There is more on this lighthouse here:

Doubling Point Light and
Friends of the Doubling Point Lighthouse

"Nubble" Lighthouse

Also known as the Cape Neddick Lighthouse, this is one of the most photographed lighthouses in Maine. Look for Leon's take of the "Costanza" here which got some funny looks from the other tourists

More on this lighthouse here:
Cape Neddick Lighthouse

Portland Head Light

This is the other most popular lighthouse in Maine. This also happens to be my favorite place in Maine - not so much for the lighthouse itself (which is nice), but the rocky coast here is just perfect.

More on this lighthouse here
Portland Head Light

Trolley Museum

This is on the Kennebunkport/Arundel border and is way cool!!!!! You get to ride on a trolley which is nice, but the real fun begins when you go off exploring on your own. They have so many old-time trolleys, buses & trains (including two double-deckers!) that they let you go on. They also are restoring a few of them and it is cool to see the process.

Heres their website:
Seashore Trolley Museum

Schooner Eleanor

Set sail out with Cap'n Rich on this of Kennebunkport on this classic ship! Very nice trip and we didn't even get seasick!

Hint: If you plan to go, make sure to call, since they are very dependent on tides!

Heres their website:
Schooner Eleanor


Misc Pics

Heres the pictures that there weren't enough of to have its own page. Here you'll see pics from:

  • L.L. Bean
  • the Goat Island lighthouse
  • George Bush's Kennebunkport estate
  • Old Orchard Beach
  • the "worlds biggest" Lighthouse store
  • And a couple of postcards

Leon's Pictures

Leon took some pictures while he visited us in Maine and here they are.. There are some excellent pictures in here - very artistic pictures, as well as a tour of the inside of the Beach house and a rare shot of James tickling the ivories... (Very rare considering James doesn't play the piano)

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