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Greg "Opie" Hughes, Pat St. John, James and "Anthony" Cumia

Pat's website:

Opie and Anthony's website:

James with the director of Toxic Avenger (and many other great Troma movies), and suprisingly really nice guy: Lloyd Kaufman

His official website is:

James with Lenny Kaye and "Quilly"

Lenny is the man responsible for the fantastic "Nuggets" boxset.. He has also been Patti Smiths's guitarist for over 30 years..

James is with Little Steven Van Zandt,
of Bruce Springsteen and the Sopranos

And no, my hand is not on Steven's butt!

James with Ray Manzarek of the Doors

Check out his official web pages at:

James with Pat St. John - Legendary DJ (of WNEW-FM, WPLJ-FM, CKLW, Keener, WCBS-FM, etc) and a really nice guy....

His website: Pat St John.com

Jackie, Jim Breuer, and James

Jim was in the classic movie "Half Baked" & on "Saturday Night Live"

His website: www.JimBreuer.com

Jackie, Dave Chappelle, and James

Dave was also in "Half-Baked" and
"You've Got Mail"

Jackie, James, and Janeane Garofalo

Janeane, is also in "Half-Baked" and
a whole lot of other movies.

James with the original Pimp Daddy -
"Huggy Bear" aka Antonio Fargas
from 70's TV Show "Starsky and Hutch"

His website: www.AntonioFargas.net

James with Melody Patterson aka
Wrangler Jane of the 60's TV Show
"F-Troop". Just keep in mind this
woman is in her early 50's

Her website: www.WranglerJane.com

James with Tom Savini - "Sex Machine" in the great movie "From Dusk Till Dawn"
and also featured in:Tom Savini -
Master of Horror Make-up

His website: www.Savini.com

James with members of great 60's band
Richard and the Young Lions,
Steven Van Zandt & musician Shelly Riff

James with members of great 60's band
Richard and the Young Lions, and Legendary DJ Pat St John

James with Billy J Kramer of the Dakotas - who did "Little Children" & "Bad to Me"

James with David Carradine aka
Kane on "Kung Fu" and "Bill" in Quentin Tarrantinos "Kill Bill"

SteveC (left) the webmaster of the
Un-Official Opie & Anthony website with
James and Bruce of Lantern-Media.com

His website: www.FoundryMusic.com

James with Zacherley aka
"The Cool Ghoul"

His website: www.Zacherley.com

"Two Bronx Guys"
James with Robert Klein

James with Cousin Brucie of WCBS-FM

Another pic of James with Greg "Opie" Hughes - one half of the radio deejays "Opie and Anthony"

His website: www.OpieAndAnthony.com

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